10 Minutes a Day to CHANGE your Life

sleepIn the morning, as you are waking, what do you think about?  In that in between time not quite awake not asleep, where does your mind wonder?

I use to lay there and go through a list of all the potential disasters I might face, what fires I would have to deal with, what crisis’ lay in store for that day.  And you know something, there were always issues to deal with, always crisis’s.  And now I know why.   You see the Law of Attraction tells me that whatever I focus on will expand.  The Universe is quite happy to provide you with all the issues you ask for.  When you are in that in between sleep and wake stage is when you are most creative, most in contact with God, The Source, The Universe.  That is when our thoughts become reality.   I would lay there in my most connected state and say “blah, blah blah CRISIS, PROBLEMS, ISSUES….  The Universe heard and Provided. 

There is a better way to use that theta wave time.  That is when we can redefine ourselves.  That is when we can redesign our future.  Instead of thinking about all of our problems or thinking about all the things we perceive to be wrong with us, let’s take that time to create a new you and a new future.

There are several way to achieve the theta state; hypnosis, deep meditation, biofeedback.  But we are naturally in that state when we are drifting into and out of sleep.  So, let’s use that time to reprogram our minds and our lives.

To do that we are going to use a visualization / breathing / affirmation technique.

First the affirmation.  It should be short, just a few words.  And it should begin with “I Am”.  A positive statement about what you want to have in your life or what you want to be.   For example, if you want to be a published novelist. It might be “I AM a novelist”. If health is your desire it might be “I Am healthy”

Next the breathing.  Place your tongue touching your upper gum right behind you front teeth.  Hold it there gently.  Now breathe in through your nose slowly and deeply, hold it, then out through your mouth with a whoosh.  In through the nose deeply, hold, and out through the mouth with a whoosh. 

Now visualize what you and your world will look like when you have achieved your desire.


When you first wake in the morning or as you are drifting off at night, create that image in your mind, visualize your desire.  Now breathe in slowly and deeply (stating your affirmation), hold (stating your affirmation), and release (stating your affirmation). 

Breathe in (“I Am a novelist”).  Hold (“I Am a novelist”). Blow out (“I AM a novelist”). Do six breathing cycles every morning as you awaken and six every night as you drift off. 

By doing this you are reprogramming you mind and you are telling the Universe what you want. 

Do this for 3 months and watch your world and your life change. 

It is Amazing.