The Law of Attraction and the Mutt next door.


Let’s face it; you and the dog next door just don’t get along.  You don’t like him.  He has fleas, he barks. He is always licking himself. He gets into the garbage and he chases your cat.  You just don’t like that Mutt.

The Law of attractions says “What you focus on expands”.  You hear a dog bark and you know it has to be Mutt.  In fact you listen for that awful sound of Mutt barking.  Because Mutt is on your mind, every time you look out the window you expect to see him, when you leave in the morning for work you expect to see him.  When you come home you expect to see him.  Not only do you expect to see him, you actively look for him.  And you are not surprised to see that Mutt, you expected it.

What you focus on expands.  You have become so focused on the dog that you start to see him where he cannot be.  You see a dog two miles from home and think “Was that Mutt?”

Now, that dog is NOT two miles from home and is not outside your window every time you look or is he always watching you when you come or go. But in your mind the importance of that dog, Mutt, has grown to the point that you think you see him and you think you hear him everywhere.

The Universe is happy to give you what you ask for and you are asking to see that dog.

Dogs are sensitive creatures.  And by that I mean they can sense your feelings toward them.  Mutt knows you don’t like him. So Mutt begins to treat you with fear or something bordering on hate.  And now when he sees you he sees a bad man.  And to him you begin to become the Mann next door.  The Law of Attraction applies to him too.

Through the Law of Attraction, the Universe gives you more of what you focus on.  By changing your focus so that the dog next door is NOT your focus you will reduce the stress and anxiety that he represents in your life.  By focusing on positives you will bring more positives into your life.  You will be a happier man.

And you will save Mutt from the Mann next door.



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