OH, My Aching Back

back painHow does hypnosis help relieve pain?  Does it work or is it voodoo science?

Here’s some in-depth information on how it works, take a look and you decide if it is for you.

Changing Your Perception, Feeling and Experience of Pain

The bulk of hypnosis programs are actually focused around changing the way you perceive and experience pain. You will go inside your own mind and examine your perspective of pain, and actually classify the sensations you feel pain as.

You learn to “turn down the volume of your pain” you get hold of your pain levels dial or remote and turn it down. You become aware of your pain so you can still manage your body, but the actual level of pain – you will be able to turn it down.

Because of this you will gain much more freedom in life again – a much more active lifestyle and greater quality of life.

Transformation and Taking Ownership of Healing

Once you see how powerful the mind is, how you are able to dial down your pain then your beliefs change, your beliefs about what is possible.

You take ownership for your body and use your mind to start the healing process. Even with serious illnesses and long term physical ailments, the power of mind over body can be incredible.

Taking Full Control through Self Hypnosis

With some simple self-hypnosis techniques you can gain even more power to take control. You can tailor your experience to your exact personal circumstances, to target the exact type of pain you experience.

This means that you get even more benefit from the hypnosis and effective pain relief.

The bottom line is that YES, hypnosis can help you to relieve pain.

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