Meeting of the Minds

Biz ComThe fine art of communication with business partners.
10 ideas to help get around those bumps in the road.

1. The impossible dream. No one wins an argument. Discussion of the issues with an open mind can get a resolution. But, Argument?, that is counterproductive.
2. Give a little to get a little. In a business relationship, being prepared to meet your partner half way goes long way toward solving problems. Having a possible solution in mind as a starting point can get the conversation moving toward a solution where both can feel good about the resolution.
3. Negativity is a downer. Create a positive setting by telling your partner how great the good things are and that these issues are things you both can work on.
4. Do you hear what I hear? Listen; really listen to what your partner says. If there can be any doubt, clarify it by restating in your own word what was just said.
5. Time Out! If things start to get heated take a break from the discussion to allow emotions to subside.
6. Look at what I am saying. Body language and facial expressions say much about what we are thinking. Be aware of what you and your partner’s body are saying.
7. Keep it real. Keep the discussion focused, direct and honest. Stay on target, don’t bring up additional issues. Don’t hint about what is bothering you, most of us are not very good at mind reading.
8. Positive. Keep it up beat. Even if you cannot find the answer at least acknowledge that progress was made and that you will continue to search for a better solution.
9. Be nice. Being rude or talking down to your partner may be the problem but is not likely to be an answer. Being respectful in any discussion is far more productive.
10. Call me. If you are not making the progress you feel you should, call a professional business coach.



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