Hypnotism Demystified




Hypnotism Demystified  

Different from waking or sleeping states,  hypnosis is a distinct and powerful mental state.  Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation combined with a very narrow focus and an increased suggestibility. 

Every day all day our minds are bombarded by sensory chatter.  Our minds see, hear, smell and
feel everything that goes on around us. We feel the breeze noting subconsciously the direction, speed, warmth or cold, the odors carried on it.  And we hear and catalogue the jet overhead,
the car down the street, dogs barking, children laughing, the sounds of the
furnace, the refrigerator, the clock ticking.  Then there is our own bodies talking away: the itch, the ache, the pain and so much more.  A constant bombardment.

Hypnotism relaxes the body and narrows the focus so that the chatter and the clutter can
be ignored. Allowing this constant bombardment to fade away.  And it happens naturally quite often.  You are driving your car.  The hum of the car, the repetitive motions of something you don’t really have to think about and you arrive at your destination not remembering anything about the drive.  Athletes so focused on the game that they shut out everything but the focus on the ball.
They are in the zone.  And don’t forget the classroom or lecture or presentation where you just zone out.  All are mild forms of self-hypnosis.

It is this narrow focus and the elimination of all that mental chatter that creates a state where suggestibility is enhanced.  If you are in a crowded room with every one talking away, the messages are likely to get scrambled.  But if you are in a room with just one person whispering in your ear, that message will be heard loud and clear.

It is in this relaxed and narrow focused state that whispered information, the suggestion, is heard loud and clear by the subconscious mind.  This does not mean that you will bark like a dog, fall madly in love with the next person you see, or commit a crime because of the suggestion.
It will not give you powers or skills you did not already have. It will not bypass your core values or overcome your judgment.  One session will not change your life, stop you
from smoking or overeating.  It will take several session for the accumulation of suggestions to change the way you see yourself or your behaviors.  However, with repeated sound suggestions the mind can be reprogrammed to create the new and improved you that you desire.

You want to stop smoking, stop overeating, gain more self-confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, then hypnosis just might be the key to your success.



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