Tom Blair, B.Sshirt 3

Neural Linguistic Practitioner


Relationship Coach

Internationally read author.

Retired Educator

All relationships are based on having certain needs being met. Healthy relationships are ones where there is a mutual meeting of these needs. Respect, honesty, communication are just some of those needs When those needs and others are not being met, the relationship will fall into disrepair. Together we will identify those needs and work to correct the imbalance. It is not too late, love can be rekindled. And it can last a life time.  I use Hypnotherapy and NLP along with a coaching approach to help my clients redefine and re-create the life and relationship they desire.

We have been inspired and influenced greatly by the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Greg Braden, and others. We believe that there are no mistakes only learning opportunities. You can change your life through the use of meditation, cognitive restructuring and re-framing your beliefs, thoughts, and experiences.


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